Staff Escorts

Many companies say their greatest asset is people. Imperial Security believes this, too, and makes sure its security guards receive proper training and state-of-the-art tools to do their job properly.

Protecting property is only part of what Imperial Security’s staff of experienced security guards do as they conduct patrols on foot, bicycle and vehicle. Security guards are also available to provide staff escorts, providing peace of mind for employees working long or non-standard hours.

While downtown can be a hub of activity 16 to 24 hours a day, it also poses risks for office workers whose work requires them to stay until deep into the night. The same is even more true for those at suburban business parks, relatively far from transit and other amenities. While lighting, surveillance cameras and other environmental modifications can make public spaces safer in these areas, nothing provides peace of mind like another person who’s watching out for your safety.

Imperial Security works with clients to acquire an intimate knowledge of the premises where they work. This is important when it comes to escorts, making them a trusted guide to the safest route through a building or across a campus. It’s also important in anticipating the places where risks are most likely to lurk, not just the shadows but any feature that might provide a convenient place for loiterers to hang out.
Similar to patrol officers, staff escorts are equipped with mobile devices that include an app that allows them to record the times, locations and progress of assignments. Detailed reports are filed in real time, and distilled into one-page PDF summaries that provide accurate accounts of how journeys unfolded. Should backup be required, escorts can – like foot patrols – alert mobile patrols to attend.

A track-record of excellence has made Imperial Security a trusted name in security patrols since 1993. This record shows through most clearly in its ability to give safe passage to both the powerful and most vulnerable members of your team.

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