Security Guard Services

Imperial Security is an established private security service provider with 25 years’ experience. Since 1993, it’s built a reputation for protecting the health, safety and security of its clients with the help of carefully selected and properly trained staff. All security guards complete government-approved training courses and meet provincial licensing standards.

Many of its private security guards have several years’ experience with the company, ensuring intimate familiarity with company protocols and often the sites themselves.

Imperial Security goes the extra mile to provide its 24-hour foot patrols with the advanced education and training required to meet the security requirements of clients. Through an on-site consultation, Imperial Security identifies the unique needs of a client’s site. This helps it to ensure that security guards assigned to the property have the training and skills required to ensure business security. When guards need specialized tools in order to conduct their duties effectively, Imperial Security is an innovator. It often undertakes the development of new tools in order to advance and enhance the services its guards provide.

A combination of knowledgeable private security guards and excellent client support ensures that Imperial Security stands out among security agencies in the markets where it operates, from British Columbia’s Lower Mainland to the Alberta cities of Calgary and Edmonton. The result is a client list that includes a full range of commercial and institutional premises. In addition to foot patrols, Imperial Security guards perform mobile patrols using high-profile branded vehicles. The presence of these vehicles is itself a deterrent to crime, because potential criminals are aware they’re being watched by a firm known for its effective security protocols.

Documentation of patrol activities is central to the service Imperial Security provides. To keep guards accountable and provide clients with the information they need, Imperial Security each guard uses a mobile app that allows notes and incident reports to be logged in real time. The app gives guards the ability to make notes and complete incident reports in the field; the notes are tagged with location coordinates, backing up verbal accounts of what happened and at what time. This both facilitates and encourages prompt reporting, which in turn ensures a more credible report when incidents happen.

Real-time reporting results is both an eye-witness account and an electronic record that gives clients the solid information required to address and prosecute any security breaches that take place. Imperial Security summarizes the data its security guards gather in a one-page PDF that provides clients with all the information they need.

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