Loss Prevention

Commercial property security isn’t always about preventing unlawful access, vandalism or other types of property crime after hours. Sometimes, the threats can quite literally appear in broad daylight, during working hours. One of the most common kinds of property crimes that commercial property owners have to deal with is theft.

Imperial Security’s trained security guards can assist with loss prevention, monitoring premises around the clock as well as watching who comes and goes and what they’re bringing in – and, most critically, out. This is an important service at industrial sites or anywhere people gather and the theft is a possibility. Imperial Security’s staff can not only make sure people don’t bring in prohibited items, but they can check those leaving the premises to make sure they’re not taking anything extra with them.

Similar to standard foot patrol services, security guards assigned to premises to prevent loss are equipped with mobile devices loaded with an app that allows prompt and efficient incident reports. The time, location and particulars of potential incidents are logged, and detailed reports provided to clients as a matter of record. These reports can help identify ways to improve property security and prevent the loss of items, whether goods, equipment, decorations or other property elements.

When incidents occur, digital dispatch services can trigger mobile reinforcements to arrive via vehicles equipped with dashcams to record interactions with suspects. This provides reliable, verifiable evidence that both ensures clients that proper protocols were followed and evidence that can help prosecute offenders. Moreover, the prompt response from mobile security patrols can improve recovery of lost items and apprehension of suspects. Better yet, the mere presence of both on-site security officers and prompt response of mobile patrols can serve as a deterrent against lost in the first place.

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