Bike Patrols

Imperial Security has a well-established mobile patrol division, staffed by guards who have completed government-accredited training courses. But when it comes to vehicles, Imperial Security’s guards get around on more than four wheels. Its mobile security patrol service also uses bicycles, which let guards go where larger vehicles can’t. Bikes also ensure guards remain close to where the action is, a step up from foot patrols but with the speed, only wheels can give.

Bike patrols are available 24 hours a day, just like foot and vehicle patrols. They’re ideal for patrolling industrial parks with their networks of loading areas and lanes or downtown parkades. Guards cover ground rapidly, even those difficult for motor vehicles to navigate. Imperial’s bike patrols can also provide rapid backup support to foot patrols when incidents happen, complete with GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking via mobile phone that keeps their whereabouts known.

Quick responses are important not only in the case of security breaches but in areas with cramped or complex layouts such as parkades. Being able to navigate traffic quickly and easily, especially in industrial parks where large vehicles are common, increases the chances for a positive outcome.

Imperial Security’s bike-riding mobile security patrol officers are equipped with the same reporting technology as its foot patrols. When incidents happen, real-time reporting via a mobile app occurs. Guards file paperless reports that combine incident summaries with photo evidence that give clients detailed reports of what happened, where it happened and when. This keeps guards accountable and provides clients with the information needed to address events as needed.

The addition of bike patrols is one example of how Imperial Security continues to expand its services. originally established in 1993, the firm sees bike patrols as a natural addition to its services in rapidly densifying centers across British Columbia and Alberta.

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