Access Control

When most people think of security guard services, they think of people who try to keep other people out. Imperial Security sees things a different way, however. Security services aren’t just about who doesn’t access a property, but who does. Security patrols may provide effective protection at the perimeter of a property, but by controlling access, Imperial Security makes sure that the people who need to access a property can do so, safely.

Since 1993, Imperial Security has trained its guards to be vigilant against the threats intruders might pose. These skills come into focus when guards are charged with maintaining secure control over a specific access point, such as a front door, loading bay, or a staff entrance. On a normal day, people come and go from buildings using the regular entrances. But when a special event or a crisis happens, not everyone who shows up will know where to go. Imperial Security guards can provide guidance.

A reputation for courtesy allows Imperial Security to engage with visitors to determine their intentions and defuse confrontations before they happen. Guards are equipped with mobile devices that allow real-time reporting of interactions with visitors, and the prompt filing of incident reports that keep clients informed of what took place on a shift. Should a visitor seem likely to pose a risk at another point on the perimeter of the premises, a mobile patrol can be dispatched to monitor a visitor’s whereabouts.

The prompt, integrated response ensures tight controls on visitors’ access to premises, and a speedy response to suspicious behaviour. Should a crowd response be needed, security guards can promptly call reinforcement from Imperial Security’s mobile or bike patrol teams. Speed is of the essence when trouble happens, a coordinated response tips the balance in favour of Imperial Security’s skilled professional guards.

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