Security Guards

In addition to carefully selecting and training guards in accordance with industry standards, Imperial Security goes the extra mile to provide advanced education and training to meet a client’s site-specific security requirements.

Our successful outcomes are based on a collaboration of knowledgeable guards, excellent client support, and leading-edge technology. Each guard’s mobile device is equipped with an App that facilitates easy and efficient report-taking, complete with accurate GPS coordinates. Our clients receive a comprehensive one-page PDF containing all relevant information required to act.

Mobile Patrol

Imperial Security’s fleet of patrol vehicles is equipped with innovative technology. Real-time GPS tracking and dash-cam verification systems give Imperial Security the ability to aid in investigations and generate performance statistics that will help our clients see the value in our services. Paperless, secure reporting software gives us the ability to generate patrol summaries, photo evidence, and detailed logs available for you to use as you see fit.

The high-level of accountability afforded by our use of such technology helps to ensure that your assets are always proactively protected when we are on site. In addition, Imperial Security’s branded and highly-visible patrol fleet gets noticed, which provides an added deterrent for crime.

Rapid Alarm Response

The average break & enter takes only minutes. It’s a proven correlation that a faster response time leads to greater success in apprehending suspects. Imperial Security provides rapid mobile alarm response – within minutes – with our fleet of technology equipped mobile patrol vehicles.