Security Guards

Imperial Security is an established security service provider in Western Canada. For 25 years, the company has built a stellar reputation built on providing clients with guards who are carefully selected and trained beyond industry standards, in addition to the required government-approved training courses and provincial licensing standards.

Many of Imperial’s security guards have served years with the company, ensuring intimate familiarity with company protocols, the sites they guard, and clients’ expectations.

Imperial Security goes the extra mile to provide its 24-hour foot patrols with the advanced education and training required to meet the unique security requirements of clients. Through an on-site consultation, Imperial Security identifies the needs of a client’s site and will ensure the security guards assigned to the property have the training and skills required to ensure business security.

A combination of knowledgeable guards and excellent client support ensures that Imperial Security stands out among security agencies. Imperial Security guards are equipped with mobile devices that allow them to complete incident reports and make notes in the field; the notes are tagged with location coordinates and are available to clients in real time. The technology not only facilitates prompt reporting, but ensures an independent means of verifying the time and location where incidents occurred and reports generated.

The result is not only an eye-witness account, but an electronic record that gives clients the solid information required to respond to and prosecute any security breaches. When incidents occur, clients receive a one-page PDF with all the information required to act.

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