Rapid Alarm Response

Rapid-response security measures are a specialty of Imperial Security. Property crime happens in minutes, not hours. An experienced thief can smash and grab goods while the alarm system is still sounding. Potentially embarrassing graffiti tags that can send the wrong message about your business take even less time. Business security depends on rapid alarm response, with guards swooping in as quickly as the proverbial thief in the night.

Imperial’s trained security guards are armed with a mobile reporting app, and patrol vehicles have the latest technology required to ensure prompt dispatch when incidents occur. The nearest vehicles often arrive while perpetrators are still on site, meaning easier apprehension and reduced losses. Dash-cams also let vehicles record arrival and security guard engagement with suspects, ensuring documentation of all incidents.

Clients can check the speed of security guard response through online reporting tools that track mobile patrols and individual guards throughout each shift. The frequency with which patrols visit specific locations can also pinpoint where patrols may need to enhance surveillance and defenses.

Imperial Security regularly discusses security arrangements with clients and should gaps in the armour appear, it will adapt and even develop new tools that ensure rapid response, security improvements and overall client satisfaction. Continuous improvement of its rapid response security systems is critical to protecting the health, safety and security of clients, regardless of sector.

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