North Vancouver tow truck scammer jailed, police seek more victims

North Vancouver RCMP say a man scamming people out of money by begging for help getting his car out of an impound lot has been impounded himself.

George Bradford Wilson, 54, was sentenced to 30 days in jail (less time served) after pleading to one charge of fraud on Sept. 19.

Wilson is known to approach strangers in parking lots with a sob story about how his car has been towed and how he desperately needs it to get back on his feet.

Police are aware of at least four recent incidents happening in North Vancouver on Aug. 11, 15, 17 and 18 but they caught him in the act on Sept. 18. Wilson was able to collect amounts ranging from $50 to $160 from his victims.

He’s a repeat offender using a similar technique going back years, court records show.

Sometimes he promises to pay back the money with interest, other times he asks for a ride to the tow yard, even though he has no car impounded, according to Cpl. Richard De Jong, North Vancouver RCMP spokesman.

“His story changes from person to person but he comes across as very convincing,” De Jong said. “The good nature in us feels that someone is in need and if they appear credible and sincere, then we’ll tend to help them. It’s unfortunate he’s fraudulently taken money from people because it’s really gone to no good.”

Upon release, Wilson “may not solicit money or services of any kind from any member of the public for any reason,” the judge ruled.

De Jong said it’s possible there are other victims who have not yet come forward.

“Some people feel sheepish and ashamed by being duped but if they realize something didn’t make sense, we’d like to hear from them,” he said.

Court records show he has also gone by the alias Bud Wilson, Bud Bud and Tom Selleck.

Post Source: North Shore News

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