Mobile Patrol

Imperial Security’s steadily expanding fleet of vehicles ensures a mobile patrol is part of the suite of security services it offers. With the help of the latest technology, the nearest vehicle can be sent to reinforce its 24-hour foot patrols within minutes of an incident occurring. Prompt responses boost the chances of recovering property and apprehending and prosecuting offenders.

To ensure the accountability of its mobile guards, Imperial Security was among the first security firms in Western Canada to equip its vehicles with real-time GPS tracking. Dash-cams also serve as verification systems when mobile patrols respond to events. Camera footage provides independent verification of exchanges with suspects and other circumstances associated with security incidents. It’s not just the security guard’s word – there’s evidence backing up the reports. The enhanced data help guards log better performance, which supports the value mobile patrols add to Imperial’s security packages.

Imperial Security provides each guard with a mobile app that facilitates secure, paperless reporting in real time when incidents occur. The software allows mobile patrols to combine summaries of patrols with photo evidence and detailed logs available for clients to use as necessary in tracking security performance and following up when incidents occur.

Since each Imperial Security vehicle features the company’s identifiable branding, a security patrol can deter crime simply by being present. Thanks to GPS tracking, our clients can cross-reference vehicle location and the frequency of mobile patrol with reductions in incident counts. The result is greater confidence in the services we provide, and in data that can help reduce insurance costs.

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