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For 25 years, Imperial Security Group has established a resounding reputation for unparalleled client service, management accountability, and use of industry-leading technology, all of which put us at a competitive advantage.

  • Guard Tracking Technology
  • Electronic PDF Reports with Photo Evidence
  • Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Dash-cam Verification
  • Professionally Trained Guards

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25 Years Of Experience in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster & Area

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Vancouver, a city of 650,000 people, sits at the core of Canada’s third-largest metropolitan region. A diverse city with a vibrant mix of cultures set against the stunning backdrop of the Coast Mountains, it is regularly named among the most liveable cities in the world thanks to planning policies that have made downtown for living as well as working, and transit systems that put most parts of the region within a 90-minute ride of the core.

These facts have made Vancouver the hub for a population of nearly 2.5 million people in a region that’s set to top three million by 2030.

Thanks to a temperate climate, world-class research institutions including the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, and bustling port infrastructure, Vancouver is a crossroads for people from all walks of life. Some of Canada’s richest residents live blocks from the country’s poorest postal code, itself nestled against the nation’s busiest port.

A strategic location makes the city a gateway to Asia and a landing point for new immigrants, many of which find work in the city’s offices, hotels and shops. Besides English and French, the streets ring with various dialects of Chinese – the mother tongue of nearly 40% of the region’s residents – as well as Punjabi, Russian and Farsi.

Vancouver is home to nearly half the region’s office space. While industrial space is increasingly limited to waterfront areas, a small but fiercely proud light-manufacturing sector persists, as well as a burgeoning tech sector that accounts for 40% of downtown leasing demand.

There is plenty of work for security companies in Vancouver, and one of the premier companies is Imperial Security. Protecting the health, safety and security of businesses in Vancouver has been Imperial Security’s mission since its launch in 1993. Beginning with a handful of private security contracts, Imperial now works with both the private and public sectors to provide 24-hour on-site protection to clients ranging from small operations to major industrial facilities. Security plans for each client reflect the specific needs and circumstance they face.

Imperial’s accountability to its clients is the foundation for a reputation that’s unparalleled among security companies in Vancouver. Imperial’s guards are carefully selected and each completes government-approved training before being licensed. Imperial’s branded patrol fleet is highly visible, helping deter crime before it happens. The security company’s vehicle-tracking system – among the first in Western Canada – despatches guards to incidents within minutes, greatly improving the chances of apprehending trespassers and criminal, while providing accountability to clients. Reporting is enhanced by apps on each guard’s mobile device that allow real-time filing of incident reports complete with photos.

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