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For 25 years, Imperial Security Group has established a resounding reputation for unparalleled client service, management accountability, and use of industry-leading technology, all of which put us at a competitive advantage.

  • Guard Tracking Technology
  • Electronic PDF Reports with Photo Evidence
  • Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Dash-cam Verification
  • Professionally Trained Guards

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25 Years Of Experience in Surrey

Top quality service, that’s our mission!

Surrey is growing into its designation as the second downtown of Metro Vancouver, and Imperial Security is making sure it has protection as it grows. With more than 25 years’ experience serving businesses from large industrial facilities to retail properties, Imperial Security has the knowledge and tools needed to keep businesses and their employees safe. Whether it’s access control for businesses or staff escorts after-hours, its security guards demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism that make them an integral part of companies’ in-house teams.

Reliable information

Imperial Security guards provide patrols on foot, bike patrols and in branded vehicles that are often a deterrent to crime in themselves. All guards have completed government-approved training and are equipped with mobile devices that allow them to file regular reports in the course of a shift. This information, tagged with date and location coordinates, provides a reliable source of accurate information to clients, who receive succinct summaries via PDF. Additionally, vehicles are equipped with dashcams that can record how call-outs unfold, providing an extra layer of information.

Dynamic approach

Rapid response times improve the chances of apprehending suspects and recovering property if incidents occur. Imperial Security was among the first companies to embrace GPS-tracking of its vehicles, ensuring the nearest team of guards could be sent to incidents within minutes. When needed, Imperial Security develops additional tools to meet the needs of clients. The result is a reputation for a dynamic approach to security risks that wins the trust of clients and communities alike.

Companies That Trust Imperial Security

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