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For 25 years, Imperial Security Group has established a resounding reputation for unparalleled client service, management accountability, and use of industry-leading technology, all of which put us at a competitive advantage.

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  • Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
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25 Years Of Experience in Surrey, Langley and Fraser Valley

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Surrey and Langley may seem a world away from downtown Vancouver, but the municipalities together boast the second-biggest population in the region. Metro Vancouver planners have designated Surrey the region’s second downtown, and with annual growth exceeding 10 per cent, the municipalities will soon be home to more people than Vancouver.

Transit infrastructure puts downtown Surrey just 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver, and relatively cheap land attracts first-time homebuyers seeking homes. Plans to extend rapid transit into Langley promise to make the region even more attractive, accessible and further boost population growth.

Surrey is ethnically and culturally diverse, as well as youthful: nearly 20% of the population is less than 15 years old. The broad demographic supports events ranging from the annual Fusion Festival, a celebration of world cultures to the Surrey International Children’s Festival. Surrey is home to campuses of Simon Fraser University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, which also has a campus in Langley. Trinity Western University, a private, faith-based university, is headquartered in Langley.

Surrey’s land base also makes it an important industrial hub and farming community. It has the largest inventory of industrial space in Metro Vancouver, while a third of the municipality is zoned for agriculture.

Langley, which includes both the city and surrounding township, is evolving from a municipality of rural acreages into a residential community. The terminus of the South Fraser Perimeter Road that connects the municipality with port terminals in Delta, Langley is home to key industrial parks including Port Kells and Gloucester Estates. The southern flanks of Surrey and Langley both border the U.S., with the Peace Arch border crossing in Surrey among the five busiest in Canada.

Imperial Security’s expertise in securing the health, safety and security of businesses underpins its work in Surrey and Langley. Its licensed security guards are trained to provide 24-hour on-site oversight of your most precious assets, while branded, high-profile vehicles are a common sight at business and industrial parks that are the economic heart of the region. Imperial stands above security companies in Surrey and Langley, not only among its clients but with its staff. Turnover among guards is low, which means they have intimate knowledge of the properties they protect and an understanding of any potential threats.

To address the multifaceted needs of clients in communities as diverse and strategic as Surrey and Langley, Imperial Security’s staff assess the needs of each client personally to develop effective security programs and ensure familiarity with their needs. When needed, Imperial will develop the tools needed to address the particular needs of a property. This is especially helpful for rural acreages along the U.S. border, as well as industrial facilities along the Fraser River. GPS-tracking allows Imperial Security staff to quickly deploy response teams, improving the chances of apprehending suspects. Guards are equipped with real-time reporting software to document incidents effectively and efficiently. These reports are immediately accessible, ensuring Imperial is on top of incidents as they happen, and clients know what’s happening. The result is a reputation among security companies in Surrey unrivalled in the industry.

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