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For 25 years, Imperial Security Group has established a resounding reputation for unparalleled client service, management accountability, and use of industry-leading technology, all of which put us at a competitive advantage.

  • Guard Tracking Technology
  • Electronic PDF Reports with Photo Evidence
  • Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Dash-cam Verification
  • Professionally Trained Guards

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25 Years Of Experience in Langley

Top quality service, that’s our mission!

Imperial Security’s expertise in securing the health, safety and security of businesses underpins its work in Langley. Its licensed security guards are trained to provide 24-hour on-site oversight of properties and people, while branded, high-profile vehicles are a common sight at local business and industrial parks. Imperial stands above security companies in Surrey and Langley, not only among its clients but with its staff. Turnover among guards is low, which means many have developed solid relationships with the businesses and locations they protect.

Verified reporting

To address the multifaceted needs of its clients in Langley, Imperial Security staff assess the needs of each company and location. Whether the services required are access control, patrols of construction sites or renovation projects, or keeping fire watch, Imperial Security guards have the skills and tools needed to keep property and people safe. GPS-tracking of patrol vehicles allows rapid response to incidents as well as keeping guards accountable. Guards file reports using a mobile app that records time, location coordinates and allows for photo evidence as required, ensuring clients receive complete, verifiable reports.

Steady evolution

With the growth of Langley’s commercial and residential sectors, Imperial Security continues to evolve to meet the needs of local businesses. It was among the first security companies to adopt GPS tracking of vehicles, and is constantly developing new tools to improve guards’ abilities to address risks. The result is an unparalleled reputation among security companies in Langley.

Companies That Trust Imperial Security

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