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For 25 years, Imperial Security Group has established a resounding reputation for unparalleled client service, management accountability, and use of industry-leading technology, all of which put us at a competitive advantage.

  • Guard Tracking Technology
  • Electronic PDF Reports with Photo Evidence
  • Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Dash-cam Verification
  • Professionally Trained Guards

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25 Years Of Experience in Calgary

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Calgary is emblematic of Canada’s frontier spirit, with roots extending back to 1875 and the glory days of the original force that brought law and order to Canada’s West, the Northwest Mounted Police.

Today, despite the nickname “Cowtown” and the annual Calgary Stampede that gives everyone an excuse to play cowpoke for a week, the city is a sprawling urban wonderland at the foot of the majestic Rockies.

Canada’s petroleum industry calls the shots from the boardrooms of downtown, while the city’s growing population is finding a home in the bright new towers of the Beltline neighbourhood. With more than 1.2 million people, the city is half the size of Metro Vancouver and has plenty of room to expand. This has made it an attractive destination for logistics facilities sending goods across the country.

While oil and gas are the bellwether for the economy, the University of Calgary is the linchpin of its future. Graduates have made their mark in both the arts and sciences. To the west, Banff National Park and Kananaskis offer year-round recreation, as well as a world-renowned arts centre. The grasslands and gas fields of the south are where the historical resource sector lives on. Calgary is the crossroads of those seeking opportunity, or those leaving to seek refreshment in the Alberta landscape.

Keeping residents and visitors safe is the business of Imperial Security. Calgary was the location of its first office outside BC, and a natural fit given the close business connections between Vancouver and the foothills city.

Working with clients familiar with its work, Imperial Security has grown to serve a host of public and private clients, providing protection for the health, safety and security of residents, tourists, students and office workers – and, of course, cowboys. It puts boots on the ground to familiarize itself with clients’ needs. A low turnover rate means its staff – all of which have government-approved training and certification – are familiar with the properties they guard.

As far as security companies in Calgary go, Imperial Security rides herd, keeping an eye on assets via 24-hour foot patrols on-site. When an incident happens, Imperial uses GPS technology to despatch the nearest patrol vehicle to ensure a rapid response and faster apprehension of suspects. This improves the chances of recovering property and prosecuting criminals. Guards file regular reports via a mobile reporting solution. When an incident occurs, they’re able to provide accurate notes, location details and photos that support mitigation and law enforcement efforts.

The wealth of information clients receive via secure, paperless reports in real time keeps crime in check and Imperial accountable. This has given Imperial a reputation unmatched among security companies in Calgary, and made its branded, high-profile patrol vehicles a crime deterrent in themselves.

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