Warehouse and Distribution

Distribution and logistics facilities are all about comings and goings, making sure incoming product gets to where it’s going safely and efficiently. With supply chains tighter than ever, having reliable security to safeguard operations is critical.

With more than 25 years’ experience working with businesses in Metro Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, Imperial Security has the expertise needed to safeguard warehouse and distribution sites. Its security guards receive government-accredited training and work with clients to tailor security programs to site needs.

The first line of security are foot patrols, which operate 24 hours a day and offer services such as access control to make sure that only authorized personnel gain access to sites. Bike patrols offer coverage across a broad area, regularly monitoring the perimeter of large buildings and parking areas for intruders, lapses in security and providing backup to digital surveillance devices.

Guards are equipped with mobile apps that allow them to log incident details immediately, with corresponding time and location information that verifies when incidents were discovered and assures clients that their interests are in good hands.

Imperial Security also operates a fleet of vehicles that provide mobile patrol services. GPS tracking of vehicles means the nearest team can be dispatched to sites within minutes of an incident, for both rapid response and backup to other guards. Vehicles are equipped with dashcams that provide a record of how events unfolded. The footage can provide invaluable help in resolving security breaches.

Imperial Security’s guards develop long-term relationships with the properties they guard, ensuring an intimate familiarity with site operations. This benefits clients keen to improve protections and protocols regarding site access, and makes guards trusted team members.

Security of warehouse operations also extend to people. The location and scale of many warehouse operations can make them unfriendly places after dark, especially in winter. Staff escort is another service Imperial Security guards provide, ensuring employees reach their vehicles safely.

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