Residential Highrise

While many residential areas operate neighbourhood watch programs, high-density urban living packs many more residents onto a single lot. This means unique security needs and dynamic solutions that respect the right of residents to privacy in their own building while ensuring common areas are safe for everyone.

Based in Metro Vancouver, a model for high-density urban development, Imperial Security has developed programs for addressing the unique needs of highrise residential communities. Overlapping with concierge services, security services include providing access control at the entrance and bike patrols of parkades. Should automated security systems break down, Imperial Security staff are available to provide fire watch and similar services.

Trained in government-accredited courses, guards are a courteous, welcoming presence for building residents. This establishes a positive tone that puts visitors at ease, while protecting the premises from intruders.

Besides controlling access to buildings, security guards watch the perimeter of buildings and areas that may be hard to monitor through other means. While security cameras provide an anonymous eye on entrances, uniformed personnel provide a high-profile presence that discourages loitering, littering and property crime. This creates a safer, more hospitable environment for residents.

All guards are equipped with cell phones and a mobile app that allows the prompt recording of incidents when they happen. The reports log details such as time and location, demonstrating to clients that patrols were made, summaries of what was observed and a higher level of assurance. The documentation can help improve security programs and also keep insurance costs in check.

Imperial Security has the experience needed to tailor a residential highrise security plan to clients regardless of location. Since its creation in 1993, Imperial Security has expanded to provide services across Metro Vancouver from offices in Vancouver, Richmond, Langley and Surrey, as well as in Calgary and Edmonton. The three metropolitan areas are hubs for students, young professionals, as well as workers in Western Canada’s resource sectors. Imperial Security’s experience offers the expertise needed to protect them and their homes.

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