Financial Institutions

Security guards have become a fixture at urban banks across Canada in recent years, often serving as the default greeter at many branches. Imperial Security appreciates this role, having worked since 1993 to develop long-term relationships aimed at fulfilling the needs of its clients. There’s nowhere this is more evident than at banks, where its trained security guards are a friendly and welcoming presence that make them trusted partners with bank staff.

Similar to their work at other retail businesses, security guards play a key role in access control and loss prevention. As the first point of contact with bank clients, they’re able to engage with and assess bank visitors and provide a rapid response in the event risks emerge. By limiting risk, they’re also able to improve loss prevention, protecting the safety of bank employees and customers alike. The highly visible presence security guards provides acts as a deterrent to crime, while their training allows them to observe and file accurate reports in the event of trouble.

A significant investment in technology, not just training, gives Imperial Security guards the tools they need to respond appropriately to incidents. All guards are equipped with mobile apps that allow them to file reports in a prompt and timely manner. Report details are summarized in PDF format for clients, who can then proceed to the next level of response, be it tightening security protocols or pursuing charges against suspects.

While most financial institutions operate single branches, they operate within larger complexes and communities. Should an incident require backup, GPS tracking allows the nearest mobile patrol to be dispatched in support of security guards on foot. Imperial Security was one of the first security companies in Western Canada to use GPS tracking of vehicles, which also have dashboard cameras that can provide footage of how events unfolded. Ongoing investments ensure security teams remain able to work in the best interests clients.

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