Cheque Deposit/Refund Scam


Sharing Vancouver Police Department’s post on a cheque deposit/ refund scam.
Remember ~ Any request that you deposit a cheque and refund some portion is a scam. That cheque will bounce. Take a look at the story below and see just how much effort scam artists will “invest” into earning your trust so that they can take you money. Please share – we don’t want anyone else to fall victim to this type of scam.

(*The names of the parties involved have been changed for privacy reasons).

Dan and Scotty first met at a weekly soccer game, and started hanging out with the other players for drinks and dinner after practices, with Scotty often picking up the tab. He also hired an elite soccer coach to train the players, and paid for it out of his own pocket.

Several months later, Scotty came to Dan and asked him for a $15,000.00 loan to help his friend who was heading to India to visit his wife. Scotty explained that he wanted to pay for his friend’s expenses, but he did not have a Canadian bank account, and he needed Canadian money. He stated he would pay Dan back the next day.

Dan agreed, handed over the $15,000.00, and met Scotty at a local bank the following day. He was given a certified cheque for $40,000.00 USD. Scotty asked him to deposit the cheque, which came to $47,400.00 CDN, keep $15,000.00, and give him the difference of $32,400.00 CDN in cash, which he did.

Three weeks later, Dan received a phone call from the bank telling him he was overdrawn, and that Scotty’s $40,000.00 USD cheque has been written from a bank account that was actually closed. When Dan learned that some of his fellow soccer players had also been scammed by Scotty, the group called a meeting and Scotty attended. He admitted he had lied and taken their money, and promised to pay them back. He even signed a document with the names of everyone he had defrauded and for how much.

It was another two months before Scotty called Dan and arranged a meeting to pay him back. This time, he provided a cheque for $38,100.00 USD, written from a Washington State bank. Scotty suggested that Dan open up a US bank account to cash the cheque.

When Dan crossed the border to Blaine, Washington, to open a bank account, the teller determined that the cheque was a photocopy. The cheque was seized and the authorities were notified.

When Dan returned to Canada, he called the police. To this date, he has not recovered his money.

Post Source: Vancouver Police Department

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