Beware fake police demanding cash for speeding tickets, Calgarians warned

Calgary police are investigating after a fake officer pulled over a motorist and tried to collect a fine for speeding.

Police are investigating after a man impersonating an officer pulled over a vehicle and attempted to issue a fake speeding ticket to the driver in southwest Calgary.

A man was driving south on 69th Street S.W. toward Glenmore Trail on Tuesday around 3 p.m. when he was stopped by a white Honda Civic with red and blue lights attached to its front window, police said in a release.

The driver of the Civic walked up to the motorist’s window and allegedly identified himself as a special forces officer.

He was wearing a white T-shirt with the words “Canadian Special Forces” written in red letters, and had a knife and baton attached to the belt on his jeans.

He told the driver he had been speeding and had the option of going to jail or paying a fine, but if he paid the fine immediately, it would be discounted, police said.

The fake officer returned to his car and presented the driver with a yellow piece of paper.

The driver refused to pay the fine and asked the fake officer to present identification. The man refused and fled the scene.

The Calgary Police Service is warning drivers to be alert for impersonators. Drivers have the right to ask an officer for their badge number and identification.

If drivers are unsure if the vehicle that has pulled them over is actually the police, they should contact 911.

Post Source: Calgary Sun

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