Professional Security Guards

Three elements of an effective on-site security service are knowledgeable security staff, excellent client support and reliable technology.

Our selection and training processes are at the core of our business and an integral part of a positive client experience. We provide our staff Training & Development in a variety of programs, and site specific training programs are developed with our clients based on your unique needs. We will work closely with you to develop a program specific to your requirements with effective technologies appropriate for your unique coverage


Security Guard Services

  • Uniformed Security Guards
  • Property Protection
  • Access Control
  • Loss Prevention
  • Labor Disputes
  • Work Alone Check-Ins
  • Electronic Security Reports
  • GPS Verified Guard Tracking

Mobile Patrol

Our Mobile Patrol Officers are trained to meet our quality standards and exceed our Clients’ expectations.

All of our Mobile Patrol Units are equipped with the latest Real-Time GPS Tracking Technology and Dash-Cam Video Verification System for a higher degree of accountability. Convenient and efficient paperless reporting sees that only the intended recipient receives reports for security incidents and concerns. Our stylish high visibility Patrol Units with reflective graphics get noticed and are a highly effective deterrent to crime on any properties we protect.


Rapid Alarm Response

The average Break & Enter takes minutes: You need a Rapid Mobile Alarm Response and Imperial is always there in minutes – ahead of the police!

It’s a proven correlation that a faster response time leads to greater success in apprehending suspects. A consistently rapid and effective mobile response is a must and we won’t commit to anything less!

Travel warning released for spring breakers

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Undercover Richmond BC RCMP operation leads to two arrests

Police in Richmond, B.C. have arrested two men they believe are related to multiple burglaries following a lengthy undercover investigation. Richmond RCMP say the two suspects, a 21-year-old man from Richmond and a 24-year-old man from Langley, are both known to...

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